Bailey Aldrast

Halfling Pathfinder, Scout Officer


Walking quickly down Cross Avenue, her large pony-tail bouncing and bobbing, comes towards you a small Halfling woman. She looks determined and focused, bright blue eyes burning with youthful vigor. As she passes, she gives you a cheery smile before skirting around you, leading a small group of Scouts.

This Halfling woman wears the sash of cloth denoting her as a member of the Scouts proudly, using it to keep her wild hair up. Prominently displayed on her armor’s collar is also an Officer’s Insignia, showing she carries a high rank within her group.

Her gear is well maintained and worn with confidence; a suit of comfortable leathers, twin short swords resting at her hips, and a rather large crossbow slung over shoulder. Though she appears young, something in her eyes belies a bright mind and quick wit.


A Scout Officer rumored to be very adept at exploring the unknown areas of Cinderholdt, Bailey is said to lead with unwavering optimism and quick thinking.

Bailey Aldrast

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